New Yorkers can eat outside and shop inside as reopening moves into Phase 2.
More young people in the South are testing positive as coronavirus demographics shift.
Protest zone in Seattle experiences two shootings in less than 48 hours.


The markets continue bobbing around today while waiting for the next thing.
Large tech stocks drive gains on Wall Street, offsetting rise in coronavirus cases.


The past few days have felt more like the middle of the summer, rather than the end to one of the most eventful quarters in stock market
history. Sleepy markets seem to be floating along with the news current, drifting whatever direction the news of the day wants to push them.
Optimism about reopening props up the markets. Worry over the coronavirus, coupled with social unrest, nudges the markets downward. The
market is just treading water waiting on the next set of data to direct its next turn.

The upcoming weeks will provide that data, starting next week with June unemployment numbers. That number could jump-start the market,
though the full impact of that data might not be felt until after the July 4 holiday weekend. Earnings and additional data should show that even
though Q2 can be described as pretty ugly, we will be out of one of the shortest recessions in history. This week and early next week are a
good opportunity to prepare for what comes next. Reach out, re-engage and rebalance.


Volatility was mild on Monday; Treasury yields flat.
Volatility Index: 31.77
10-year Treasury: 0.71

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