An image of Alfie Tounjian's book, "Making Waves in Retirement". The cover shows a top-down view of a boat making waves in the ocean.

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Baby boomers and others nearing retirement:

As part of the generation that ushered in rock ‘n’ roll, put a man on the moon, launched the hippie movement and more, you certainly could try to set sail on a do-it-yourself retirement. But Alfie Tounjian thinks there’s a more prudent approach, which he likens to a boat captain demonstrating his skills and expertise in “Making Waves in Retirement: From Waypoint to Waypoint.”

If you’re ready to steer through market volatility, health care expenses, taxes and other issues that can overturn retirements, Alfie’s new book is a must-read — and it’s available to you COMPLETELY FOR FREE!