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We help individuals and families pursue their ideal retirement.

The Advantage Team

The team behind Advantage Retirement Group is made up of qualified financial professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families achieve their ideal retirements.

A professional headshot of Alfie Tounjian, CFP, RFC, Founder and President of Advantage Retirement Group.

Alfie Tounjian, CFP®, RFC®Founder and President

Alfie Tounjian, CFP®, RFC®, is more than just the visionary founder and president of Advantage Retirement Group. With his comprehensive guidance as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he empowers clients to achieve their retirement goals. Alfie's straightforward communication style aids investors in understanding retirement risks and navigating the evolving economic landscape. His commitment to integrity shapes the values of his team at Advantage Retirement Group, ensuring the highest standards in the financial services industry.

But Alfie's influence goes beyond the confines of the boardroom. As the host of the TV and talk radio show “Saving the Investor,” a sought-after public speaker, and author of "Keeping You on the Retirement Fairway" and "Making Waves in Retirement," he shares his expertise with a wide audience.

Moreover, Alfie's philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in his commitment to Southwest Florida's prosperity. He fosters a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership within the community. Alfie's passion for aiding those facing food insecurity and mentoring future business leaders drives him to invest his time and energy in the region. Through his mentorship initiatives, he equips young minds with the skills and insights essential for success in the competitive business world. Alfie's dedication underscores the importance of giving back and paying it forward, ensuring that future generations have the support needed to thrive.

A professional headshot of Mary Thompson, Vice President of Advantage Retirement Group.

Mary ThompsonVice President

A professional headshot of David Antonucci, CRPC. David Antonucci is a financial advisor at Advantage Retirement Group.

David Antonucci Financial Advisor, CRPC®

A professional headshot of Danielle Byxbe, Senior Investment Service Specialist at Advantage Retirement Group.

Daniella ByxbeSr. Investment Service Specialist


Curtis HarrelFinancial Advisor

A professional headshot of Devon Tounjian, Marketing and Client Service Specialist at Advantage Retirement Group.

Devon TounjianMarketing & Client Service Specialist

A professional headshot of Garrett Eisenhauer, Client Service Specialist at Advantage Retirement Group.

Garrett EisenhauerFinancial Advisor

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TOMMIE TOUNJIANDirector of First Impressions