Are you ready to soar to new heights During Your Retirement?

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The Retirement Simulator Process

For most Americans, retirement is the largest financial undertaking of their lives. But will you have enough to retire confidently? Our Retirement Simulator process can show you how to fly in retirement — and soar past what you originally thought possible.

The foundation of a solid retirement lies in the security of knowing it’s funded by reliable and predictable income. We’ll start with determining how much you need and then structure a customized plan to get you there. Our goal is to create an income plan that allows you the freedom and fulfillment you’ve envisioned for your retirement. This includes a variety of tools, such as:

Income Planning

Investment Planning

Tax Planning

Health Care Planning

Legacy Planning

We can also refer you to professionals who provide the following services:

Trusts | Probate | Charitable Giving | Estate Planning | Tax Planning

Client Questionnaires

Fill out the following questionnaires for us to better understand how we can assist you. For your convenience, submit the questionnaires by one of three ways:

  • Fill out and submit the questionnaires online
  • Download the PDFs and email the completed forms to
  • Download the PDFs and bring the completed forms to our office

Confidential Client Profile

When you work with us, you become family. This confidential questionnaire helps us begin building a strong relationship rooted in trust and transparency. Please fill it out to give us an overview of your personal and contact information, as well as insights into your retirement goals.


Complimentary Monthly Budget

Knowing how you spend your money will help you understand how much you’ll need in the future to continue living your current lifestyle. This questionnaire will show you your monthly income and expenses at a glance.

The Fiduciary Standard

It is our mission to provide all of our clients with unbiased advice that we believe is in their best interest. There are regulatory standards that apply to the work we do. For investment advice, we are held to the fiduciary standard, which means we act in our client’s best interest while disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. When providing insurance recommendations, at the regulatory level, we are held to the suitability standard, which requires that the recommendation meet your stated financial needs and objectives.

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